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Here Are 5 Fun Morro Bay Activities for Teens

Activities for Teens in Morro Bay - Teens having fun
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
January 14, 2022

If you're traveling with teens, we've got some great ideas for fun Morro Bay activities. Morro Bay features fascinating natural history, active parks, and plenty of entertainment.

Morro Bay Activities for Teens

Unstructured family time can be enriching. However, sometimes it's a great idea to have an exciting adventure to look forward to. Morro Bay offers a skate park where kids can test their skills, a natural history museum, an adventure park, a zoo, and a puzzle room. You are sure to find the adventure and family time you need in Morro Bay.

Morro Bay Museum

Morro Bay Museum

Morro Bay State Park Museum of Natural History offers sweeping views and extraordinary exhibits. You can enjoy panoramic coastline views from the museum, including Morro Rock.

The museum offers interactive exhibits and modern video displays. Visitors can learn about the area's geology, birds, whales, and sea otters. Exhibits also focus on Chumash Indian culture.

Visitors can check out the fascinating Chumash garden and see how the Chumash used the area's native plants. The museum also offers docent-led educational walks.

Los Osos Skate Park

Los Osos Skate Park offers 17,000 square feet of fun. Teens can work on their skating skills in a safe environment. Roller skates, rollerblades, and skateboards are welcome.

The Skate Park offers terrains for all levels. The park features streetscape terrain with varied rails and obstacles. Two bowls offer excitement for more experienced skaters. Spectators and non-skaters can enjoy watching the entertainment or learning new skills.

There is no fee to use the Skate Park. All skaters must wear a tightly fastened helmet in addition to elbow pads and knee pads.

Vista Lago Adventure Park

Vista Lago Adventure Park

Vista Lago Adventure Park offers teens excitement and adventure. Visitors can check out the ropes course, the zip lines, or experience both.

The park offers a lower course for first-timers and an upper course for daring climbers. In addition, the park has three zip lines, including two high-speed lines. Excitement awaits those who participate in a 45-foot free-fall Quick Jump called The Ledge.

Vista Lago Adventure Park is an excellent stop for the whole family to have fun and enjoy an outdoor adventure together.

The Locked Inn

The Locked Inn features two puzzle rooms. If you haven't tried a puzzle room experience yet, you are in for a treat! Guests are locked into a room filled with clues and must figure out how to escape the room in time.

For example, guests will be introduced to the archeology world in The Study room. Guests will take on the role of a professor and investigate a secret society while hunting for a lost artifact. Will you find the artifact in time? The Locked Inn offers families and teens a fun and memorable escape.

Charles Paddock Zoo

Flamingo at the zoo

The Charles Paddock Zoo offers visitors the chance to meet animals from around the world. The zoo is dedicated to preserving endangered local and exotic species.

The Caribbean Flamingo exhibit has a flock of about 33 individuals. These colorful creatures delight visitors with their beauty and unique behaviors. The Indo-Burma area features exotic species such as the Malayan Tiger, Red Panda, Blood Python, and Chinese Muntjac. The Zoo also has animals from California, the Tropical Andes, and West Africa.

Explore Family-Friendly Morro Bay

Morro Bay offers a wide variety of family-friendly activities. One of the best Morro Bay activities for teens is watching Morro Bay monarch butterflies. The butterflies migrate each year and thrill locals and visitors with their beauty. Visit Morro Bay and enjoy a family adventure.

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