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6 of the Most Useful Mobile Travel Apps

Top Most Useful Traveling Apps - Traveler using his mobile phone
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
February 11, 2022

Mobile Apps offer so many ways to make our lives easier. Check out our favorite useful travel apps if you're planning a trip to the California Central Coast or anywhere in the USA.

Best Apps for Travel

However you plan on traveling, there's an app for that! If you want to stay on budget, you'll be able to with just a few taps instead of a receipt book, calculator, and spreadsheet.

Our favorite apps will help you pack your luggage, get on the road, avoid traffic, find the best gas prices, take incredible panoramic photos, and ask for recommendations from the Twitterverse.



Tweetdeck offers you an easy way to ask the online universe for travel recommendations. If you want to poll your friends and residents on their favorite restaurants or get a museum recommendation, you can customize the Tweetdeck app, send a tweet, and have fun choosing your favorite responses.

In addition, you can sign in to multiple accounts from Tweetdeck. This is super handy if you're managing your personal and business accounts on the go. iOS | Android

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet will help you track your travel expenses. You can set a budget and organize your expenses by month or trip. Then, as you gather daily expenses, go to the Quick Add screen and add each cost. Now you can see exactly how much you're spending and how much you can splurge on dinner tonight. iOS only


If you are taking a road trip, iExit lists your nearest exits and will show you exit amenities. If you're looking for fast food, restaurants, or need gas, iExit will show you distances and give you directions. iOS | Android


Waze App

It can be tough to navigate a new city, and it's awful to sit in traffic wondering if the residents know a better route. Waze tracks real-time traffic information and updates reports from other Waze users. So if there's a traffic accident, a speed trap, or a road hazard, Waze will alert you.

Waze will also show you the fastest route to your destination and help you avoid any traffic slowdowns. You can even send an ETA to friends or family waiting at your destination. iOS | Android


GasBuddy will help you find the best gas prices as you travel. Gas prices are based on user reports, so GasBuddy will reward you with points if you help fellow road warriors by updating prices as you travel. You can search for the best gas prices using your phone's GPS locator, by address, or by zip code. iOS | Android


PackPoint App

If you've ever struggled to fit everything into one suitcase, packed sweaters when you needed sunglasses, or forgotten your swimsuit, PackPoint will become your favorite travel app.

Create a trip profile and enter your destination, why you travel, and how long you'll be traveling. You can also let the app know if you're planning special excursions that might need different clothes, such as a ball or a ball game.

The app will check your destination's weather and create a custom packing list for you. So instead of over-packing or under-packing, you'll be perfectly equipped to take on the Central California Coast. iOS | Android

Enjoy the Easy Life in Morro Bay

Use our favorite helpful travel apps to stay in touch, on budget, and up to date with local traffic. As you AutoStitch a photo of Morro Bay, find out how Morro Bay Rock got its name.

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