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5 Best Local Wineries Near Morro Bay, CA

Local Wineries near Morro Bay - Wine tasting
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
July 8, 2022

Central California offers the perfect climate and soil conditions for growing grapes. The central coast has over 90,000 acres of vineyards. Many vineyards are small, family-owned, and focused on hospitality and staying close to the earth.

Experience Fabulous Wineries

Some can tell the difference between red and white wine by looking at its color, and some like to go deeper and analyze all the factors that make a spectacular wine.

Wine culture has existed for millennia, and grapes are the world's most planted fruit. People drank wine instead of water during the Middle Ages because clean water was hard to come by, and wine fermentation kills salmonella and cholera. California ranks fourth after France, Spain, and Italy as the world's most significant producers of wine.

Cayucos Cellars

Cayucos Cellars wine bottles

Cayucos Cellars is one of the small, family-owned wineries near Morro Bay CA. The winery is run by five family members who love to pour wine and chat about viticulture.

Cayucos Cellar's wines are fermented with wild yeast and no additives. The wines are aged in oak barrels for three to six years. As a small producer, the family pays immense attention to every wine bottle.

Cayucos Cellars' tasting room is located in the town of Cambria, and the vineyards are tucked into a working ranch on the hills above Cayucos. This local winery produces various wines, including Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Grenache, and Pinot Noir.

Epoch Wines

Epoch Wines' tasting room is located in the historic York Mountain Winery. The winery was established in 1882 but was severely damaged during the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake.

Epoch wines purchased the property and restored the building, which is the new Epoch Wine Tasting Room. The original redwood beams and bricks were preserved and used in the reconstruction.

Visitors can experience the Current Pours tasting experience, which includes five wines. Tasting Room Educators walk each guest through the different wines and share Epoch wine history. In addition, guests can buy wine by the glass to be enjoyed on the lower patio.

Guests are also welcome to enjoy a picnic on the beautiful grounds. Leashed dogs are welcome outdoors.

Jack Creek Cellars

Jack Creek Cellars' Wine Barrels

Jack Creek Cellars is a small, family-owned operation. Jack Creek Cellars has a vineyard and winery and produces limited quantities of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Grenache.

Guests can visit Jack Creek Cellars' tasting room and enjoy current releases and reserve wines. Family members are on hand to discuss the wines and the vineyard's history. In addition, visitors can enjoy the gorgeous vineyard views and wonderful hospitality.

Changala Winery

Changala Winery is a boutique, family-run winery. Changala Winery focuses on creative red blends and single varietals. Changala offers tastings on the weekends and during the week by appointment. Visitors can stop by and enjoy the exquisite Willow Creek surroundings.

Guests can admire the picturesque vineyards, play outdoor games, and enjoy a glass of wine. Welcoming staff members are on hand to answer questions or share the vineyard's history.

Croad Vineyards

Croad Vineyards' Building

Croad Vineyards features spectacular views of the Pasa Robles, gorgeous Mission architecture, and Kiwi hospitality. Visitors can have a standard tasting experience or upgrade to a private barrel sampling or a production winery tour. Croad Vineyards has a picnic area, so you can bring your lunch and enjoy the views.

This peaceful vineyard is away from the crowds yet looks like heaven. Croad Vineyards has beautiful architecture that blends perfectly with the scenery. The vineyards were planted in the early 1900s. Croad Vineyards features award-winning Zinfandel and Rhone blends such as Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvedre.

Experience Perfection in Morro Bay

Morro Bay is close to many world-class wineries, fabulous views, and exciting adventures. Plan the perfect date night and experience Morro Bay’s best.

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