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Kid-Friendly Fun in Morro Bay

Kid-Friendly Fun in Morro Bay - Harbor Seals
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
May 12, 2023

Ready to make unforgettable memories with the kids? Then head to Morro Bay! Morro Bay provides a tranquil setting for adults and children of all ages. Whether you want to stay active or have fun, there's something here for the whole family - from outdoor activities to sightseeing opportunities. So enjoy these super fun things to do with kids in Morro Bay.

Tidelands Park

Both tourists and residents alike enjoy visiting Tidelands Park. This 2-acre park is situated at the southern end of the Embarcadero and hosts weddings, kid's birthday parties, and picnics. People want to relax on the well-kept lawn.

Because of the pirate ship in the sand play area, the park has been given the nickname "Pirate Park" by the kids. A whale's tail, a crow's nest, and statues of seals in the play area give the park a nautical theme. This park is excellent for a weekend play date with friends and family because it has picnic areas with barbecues and a breathtaking view of Morro Rock and the bay. A fish cleaning station and a side-tie dock with access to a fresh and waste water pump for boaters are also present in the park.

Morro Bay National Estuary

Morro Bay National Estuary

Morro Bay is a national treasure that provides a habitat for various species. 

It serves as both our residence and the hub of our community. The Morro Bay National Estuary Program continuously directs and coordinates local residents' efforts to safeguard the bay for all species that utilize it, including humans. These initiatives have made the bay more accessible, safer, and healthier.

Suppose you're looking for free family activities in Morro Bay. In that case, we advise taking the kids to the Morro Bay National Estuary to enjoy a leisurely day by the water. Bring binoculars to observe the various bird species in the area, and be prepared to be amused by the adorable sea otters swimming and playing in the water. The Morro Bay National Estuary is great for families with children of all ages to visit.

Art Center Morro Bay

Paint and Brushes

The Morro Bay Art Association, situated in the city's historic center, has served as the center for the arts in this area for the past 60 years. They provide a variety of venues where you can buy stunning regional paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, jewelry, greeting cards, and more. We also offer networking and educational opportunities for artists to develop their careers.

Have an artistic eye? The gallery is ideal for viewing and appreciating artwork, including paintings, pottery, etc. Additionally, classes in oil, watercolor, and pastel painting are held in the gallery. Children who want to improve at drawing and coloring might be interested in these lessons.

Bay Cruisers and Electric Boats

Have any plans today? Why take a bay cruise to see the marine life? 

The Bay Cruisers boat tour company, based in Morro Bay, California, has been giving visitors and families some of their best and most memorable boat tours.

After more than 15 years of hard work, the company is now a local favorite and a frequent visitor recommendation. Or, if you're throwing a party, do something different and cruise Morro Bay while you party. Teenagers and young children enjoy boat tours and cruises as much as adults do. Bring the entire group and take Morro Bay's sights and sounds from the water.

Sub Sea Tours

Otter in the water

Take advantage of seeing everything Morro Bay offers on land and water. The 21-passenger, Coast Guard-approved SSV SEAVIEW (semi-submersible vessel) features a viewing area below the water's surface. Windows on both sides of the boat and a roomy bench ideal for lounging while taking in the view.

Even young children can observe marine life inside the boat with Sub Sea Tours, including jellyfish, kelp, and schools of fish! You can also watch the area's sea otter, harbor seal, and sea lion populations from the top deck. The calm waters of Morro Bay make the Morro Bay Sub Sea Tour an unbeatable educational and enjoyable experience for adults and kids.

Grab the Kids and Start Your Adventure Today!

Embrace the great outdoors and discover all that nature offers in the city. Spend your day watching playful otters, or embark on a magnificent whale-watching expedition for an unforgettable experience! Nature walks, classes, and interactive museums will keep everyone of all ages entertained - so get out and enjoy these fun things to do with kids in Morro Bay today!

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