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Thrilling Encounters: Ocean's Marine Life Tours

Marine Life Tours Adventures - Whale watching
Camille Reddick
Camille Reddick
February 23, 2024

The ocean is calling you! The truth is that it's not really a West Coast adventure until you've spent a day on the water. Luckily, San Luis Obispo County is full of exciting attractions that showcase the breathtaking beauty of California's Central Coast! Check out this list of marine life tours in Morro Bay, offering a little bit of something for every type of adventurer.

Lost Isle Adventures Harbor Tours & Whale Watching

Don't miss the opportunity to put whale watching on your itinerary! Perfect for kids and adults, Lost Isle Adventures offers a 90-minute whale excursion where you can see the open ocean like never before! There's so much to learn about whales throughout the voyage. If you'd like to stay in the bay, you can also book the Lost Isle Tiki Cruise, which offers a guided 45-minute harbor tour showing off otters, sea lions, and more views!

Morro Bay Whale Watching

Whale Watching with Morro Rock at the background

Morro Bay Whale Watching offers unforgettable adventures in open boats with unobstructed views. That means that you can watch California gray whales and Central Coast humpback whales twirling in the water without missing a second. This company also offers tours in semi-submersible vessels that provide clear views of jellyfish, fish, kelp, and more from inside your boat. These tours also pass by populations of harbor seals and sea lions.

Sub Sea Tours

Sub Sea Tours offers fun and educational cruises for kids and adults. Cruise around the harbor to spot seals, otters, and marine birds all around you. When you go down below deck, you'll feel like you're in the deep, with schools of fish fluttering around the bottom of the boat. You can also book a spot on a 24-seat catamaran for whale watching.

Captain Stew’s Bay Cruise

Captain Stew’s Bay Cruise's Boat

When you book an excursion with Captain Stew's Bay Cruise, you'll board the locally famous Little Miss Magic to experience a nature cruise on a majestic vessel. During this 50-minute experience, cruise passengers can expect to spot seals, sea lions, otters, marine birds, and a wide variety of fish. Passengers on this cruise have also been known to spot dolphins pretty frequently! Unlike other marine life tours in Morro Bay, this one actually offers an option to get off at the sand spit to fish, relax, or enjoy a picnic.

Red Anchor Charters

Couple enjoying an afternoon in Morro Bay's Waters

If you're looking for a slightly more personal experience than public marine life tours in Morro Bay can provide, consider booking a private charter with Red Anchor Charters! Offering full-day and half-day excursions aboard a 32-foot captioned yacht called the Minerva, Red Anchor Charters knows how to pamper guests with unforgettable views of Morro Bay and its surrounding waters! Each charter can accommodate up to six guests. If you're looking for a romantic Morro Bay cruise charter, there is even an option to combine your bay cruise with a dining experience in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Experience the Wonder of California's Central Coast

There's no place quite like Morro Bay if you have always wanted to see whales, otters, seals, and dolphins in the wild. However, the incredible views and abundant wildlife are just some of the reasons to visit Morro Bay, CA. Visitors will find everything from geological wonders to amazing restaurants when they arrive!

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