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Must-Try Hidden Seafood Spots in Morro Bay

Hidden Seafood Spots in Morro Bay - Fish Dish
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
November 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered where you can find a culinary haven of seafood delights tucked away in Morro Bay, California? This hidden gem boasts a collection of unassuming yet delightful seafood restaurants that are a true treasure for any food enthusiast. Read on as we unravel the secrets of four hidden seafood restaurants in Morro Bay, each standing out for its unique flavors and exceptional dining experiences. Often missed by tourists, these beloved local establishments are essential stops for anyone seeking to savor the authentic taste of Morro Bay's seafood cuisine.

Windows On the Water

Blue Sky Bistro shrimp chowder

Experience the breathtaking views and exquisite seafood of Windows On the Water, one of the hidden seafood restaurants in Morro Bay. With a commitment to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant offers a menu that changes with the seasons, showcasing the best of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, and herbs from local producers. The extensive wine list features a selection of local wines, California favorites, and renowned French vintages. The sophisticated decor and serene water views create the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening or special celebration. Indulge in moist and flavorful halibut, delicious steak, wonderful local oysters, perfectly crafted meat pizza, and more.

Blue Sky Bistro

Experience the charm of Morro Bay at Blue Sky Bistro. Treat yourself to tasty, locally sourced dishes featuring fresh fish, seafood, and delightful desserts. Relax in the outdoor seating area, enjoying stunning bay views while savoring a meal and watching boats go by. Must-try items on the menu include The Rock, a hearty breakfast, and the Country Benedict, a tasty mix of poached eggs, sausage, and country gravy. Don't forget the mouthwatering clam chowder in a warm bread bowl or the delicious burgers like the Paso BBQ and Cali burgers. Try the Hot Pastrami with lobster bisque or the ever-loved Country Benedict for a satisfying and popular meal.

Thai Elephant Morro Bay

Shrimp Tom Yum soup

Embark on a delicious adventure at Thai Elephant Morro Bay! Their menu contains tasty Thai dishes that will transport your taste buds. Indulge in must-try dishes, like the Seafood Pad Thai and Spicy Basil Seafood, for fresh flavors blending perfectly with aromatic spices. The cozy ambiance with Thai cultural touches adds to the dining experience. The Tom Yum seafood soup combines sour and spicy, featuring plump, perfectly cooked seafood. If you want something satisfying, go for the green curry with bamboo shoots and basil—it pairs wonderfully with rice. And for an adventurous choice, give the jungle curry a try.

Dorn's Original Breakers Cafe

Clam Chowder

Experience the charm of Dorn's Original Breakers Cafe, a Morro Bay favorite for years. Dive into classic American dishes, from hearty breakfasts to tasty seafood meals. Try the famous Morro Bay Rockfish or enjoy the creamy Clam Chowder. Don't miss the weekend brunch with tempting choices like mouthwatering egg benedict, served with juice, coffee, or a refreshing mimosa. Enjoy a plate of steel-cut oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar, and whole milk paired with crispy bacon. Savor the homemade corned beef hash, country potatoes, and scrambled eggs for an unforgettable breakfast, each cooked to perfection. Discover the joy of timeless flavors at Dorn's.

Savoring the Morro Bay's Seafood Delights

Morro Bay is a fantastic and captivating city in California that's definitely worth a visit. Plus, you get to savor the local flavors and take in some of the most beautiful views and landscapes that make Morro Bay unique. Besides trying out the seafood, there are many unusual things to do in Morro Bay, CA, waiting to be explored. Even if seafood isn't your thing, there are plenty of food choices, from casual bar options to fancy dining experiences. Don't miss out on the diverse charm of Morro Bay!

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