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Morro Bay Day Trip to Paso Wine Fest

Paso Wine Fest - The Garagiste - Bottles of Wine
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
November 12, 2021

The Garagiste Festival Nov 12-13, 2021, brings together world-class wines, wine artisans, and wine lovers. This year is an extraordinary 10th-anniversary festival. The annual festival offers the wine community the opportunity to taste hard-to-find and rare wines. It's considered a don't miss event.

About The Garagiste Festival

The Garagiste

The first Garagiste Festival was held in Paso Robles in 2011. The term garagiste refers to small, entrepreneurial wine-makers. The festival celebrates the exceptional spirit of winemakers who love to break the rules and have fun.

The festival features tastings from California winemakers who make less than 1500 cases a year.

Plan Your Day Trip to Paso Wine Fest

If you are traveling from out of town, plan to take the best advantage of the festival's events. Many festival attendees take advantage of the VIP All-Day Access pass for Saturday, Nov 13, so they can get the most of the festival.

After checking out the schedule, you might amend your plans to include Friday night, so you don't miss anything!

Taste Artisan Wines

Woman looking at her glass of wine

The big draw to the Garagiste Festival is the unique opportunity to taste high-quality artisan wines. Many artisans aren't on the wine maps and don't have tasting rooms.

Guests can interact with winemakers and taste out-of-this-world wines.

Friday Night Rare & Reserve Party

The Friday night event offers guests the opportunity to taste the best reserve wines. These specific wines will only be on offer Friday night. Trumpet Vine Catering will provide small bites and exceptional paella to go with the wine tasting. Vegetarian options will also be served.

The event will also celebrate 10 Original Garagistes who poured wine at the first festivals.

This small event is limited to just 250 tickets and is available with the VIP Ticket or Weekend Pass.

Saturday Seminar

The Saturday Seminar offers an educational winemaker panel and tasting. This year's seminar features Jason Haas from Tablas Creek Vineyard. Jason will discuss his family's vineyard and its 19 grape varietals. While Tablas Creek Vineyard planted traditional grapes such as Syrah, they planted nine varieties that had never been grown in the United States. These new U.S. grapes include Grenache Blanc, Vermentino, Clairette Blanche, and Picardan.

Attendees will join in a Tablas Creek Vineyard tasting and share some of the rarest wines. The seminar is only available to guests with a VIP Ticket or Weekend Pass.

Saturday Grand Tasting

Cups of wine being served

The Saturday Grand Tasting features over 50 winemakers offering over 200 wines. At least 20 different varietals will be provided. Cabot Cheese will be providing complimentary cheese pairings. In addition, local artisan vendors will have delicious food samples.

Rockin' After-Party

The after-party is a festival tradition. Guests can mingle, share wine, listen to live music and enjoy the evening.

Event Details

Guests can buy a Weekend Pass which gives access to all events on Friday and Saturday, including the Friday Night Rare & Reserve Party, Saturday Seminar, Grand Tasting, and After-Party. A VIP All-Day Access pass gives access to all the Saturday events. Or, visitors can pick and choose and just buy tickets to the Rare & Reserve Tasting, Early Access Grand Tasting, Grand Tasting, and Rockin' After-Party.

Visitors enjoying a day trip to Paso Wine Fest might want to take advantage of the VIP All-Day Access pass to get the most out of the festival.

Enjoy the Central California Coast

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