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Practice Your Shred at Morro Bay Bike Park

Morro Bay Bike Park - Dirt Hills
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
October 22, 2021

Morro Bay Bike Park provides a fun, safe way to get out and enjoy biking. This park is available to all ages and skill levels.

Have Fun at Morro Bay Bike Park

Bike riders can practice their skills, learn new skills, and meet other biking enthusiasts. This community-run park offers biker riders a BMX-style park. It is the only bike course of its kind in the county. Part of the park's mission is to give young people a free opportunity to stay active in sports and enjoy a healthy outdoor activity.

Morro Bay Bike Park History

Bike Park Track

The idea for a bike park in Morro Bay began in 2013. Interested bike riders joined the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers group and proposed to the City Council. The park was soon approved by the local Recreation and Parks Commission. Various fundraisers took place, and volunteers soon broke ground on the new bike park.

The park officially opened in December 2015 and utilizes about one-half of an acre of city-owned land.

Community Park

The park is a community park. Community volunteers designed it, and Action Sports Construction built the park. The park relies on volunteers to help maintain the tracks. If you have enjoyed the park and are in town during a volunteer day, stop by and volunteer to help with maintenance. Workdays are usually held on the first Sunday of every month.

The community aspect encourages a feeling of ownership and is a wonderful way to keep this park free for all, regardless of ability to pay.

Enjoy Biking at Morro Bay Bike Park

Man jumping with his bike

If you are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, load up the bikes and head over to the bike park. Riders must wear helmets before hitting the trails. Visitors can try the various jumps, runs, and turns.

Bike Park Lingo

If you are new to bike parks, you may need to brush up on some local bike park lingo. For example, when you pedal hard before a jump, you are "charging." When you fly high into the air from a dirt hill, you are "boosting." "Hucking" refers to leaving the higher ground, navigating a drop-off, and landing on the lower ground.

Ride the Pump Track

Morro Bay Bike Park features a pump track. If you are used to riding around your neighborhood and haven't tried a pump track, this is a great way to build your biking skills. The pump track features rollers and turns. The track optimizes your momentum so that you can ride the pump track with minimal peddling. It's almost like a small-scale roller coaster. Instead of pedaling all the time, riders can focus on their balance and maneuvering skills.

Dirt Jumps and Mountain Bike Skills

Man riding down a dirt hill

The bike park features areas where bikers can practice jumps and mountain biking skills. All ages and skill levels can enjoy the park and have fun biking.

Enjoy Morro Bay Hospitality

Morro Bay Bike Park is an excellent example of the town's wonderful hospitality. Morro Bay also knows how to relax and create some of the best craft brews in California. Check out the best breweries near Morro Bay and enjoy a refreshing brew after your day at the bike park.

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