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Exploring Morro Bay's Mural Mile

Morro Bay's Mural Mile - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Tile Mosaic Mural
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
August 13, 2021

Mural Mile is a beautiful way to enjoy Morro Bay's waterfront and downtown area. Visitors to Mural Mile will delight in seeing various murals that depict the area's history, natural beauty, and sea life found off California's coast. While you walk, check out the many restaurants, bars, gift shops, art galleries, and boutiques in this vibrant downtown area.

Morro Bay and Mural Mile Facts‍

Sea Otter Mother & Baby at Morro Rock Mural

Local artists began painting murals in this area in 1985, and the work continues to this day. There are 23 murals, and while the area is known as Mural Mile, the walking distance to see all the murals is 2.25 miles long. It will take groups just under an hour to walk the downtown area and see the murals.

Walking the downtown area is free, so this is an excellent way for the whole family to enjoy local art and culture.

Grab a map at the Morro Bay Visitor Center, located on Harbor Street, and take a self-guided tour.

What to See Along "Mural Mile"‍

Each mural is unique and represents different perspectives on this fantastic area. For example, at 1205 Embarcadero, visitors can admire the untitled Aerial View of Morro Bay. The aerial view is a great stop to get a bird's eye view of Morro Bay.

Other murals include Mermaid Under the Sea, Sailing Ship and Captain, and Coast Guard to the Rescue. Several murals depict life in Morro Bay, such as Morro Rock Activities, Segway Rider, and Play on Land and at Sea.

Some of the most popular and photographed murals are those depicting marine and wildlife. Visitors love Life at Sea, Monarch Butterflies, Great Blue Heron, and Sea Mammals.

Where to Eat Along Mural Mile‍

Crill's Saltwater Taffy

Stop by Crill's Saltwater Taffy and then check out nearby Ocean Scenes and the Aerial View of Morro Bay.

Near the famous Sea Otter Mother & Bay at Morro Rock and the Mermaid Under the Sea, you'll find Galley Seafood Grill & Bar. This restaurant serves fresh seafood and delicious desserts. The House of JuJu is also located here and offers excellent burgers, tacos, and vegetarian options.

The gorgeous Treasures of Morro Bay mural is next to Frankie & Lola's, a popular spot for breakfast and lunch.

Shopping Along Mural Mile‍

Check out the Under the Sea Gallery for unique gifts. You'll find the mural of the Coastal Bike Pedestrian Route and Segway Rider nearby.

Enjoy Mural Mile, Art, and Fun in Morro Bay‍

 Mermaid Under the Sea Mural

As you stroll Morro Bay's Mural Mile, you can appreciate the gorgeous murals and different vistas presented. The downtown area also offers numerous culinary delights and lively bars. In addition, visitors will find gift shops and galleries.

While most estimate that it will take an hour to stroll through Mural Mile, between stopping for photos, checking out boutiques, and enjoying dinner out, it might take a fair bit longer! Visitors can arrive early, check out the best breakfast places to eat in Morro Bay, and spend the rest of the morning enjoying Mural Mile.

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