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Discover the Art Center in Morro Bay

Art Center in Morro Bay
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
July 23, 2021

The Morro Bay Art Center is one of the most extensive central California galleries. Of course, you can view stunning original art by local artists. But did you know that the Art Center also hosts classes, workshops, and special events?

Visiting the Art Center Morro Bay

The Art Center Morro Bay is open daily from 12:00 to 4:00 pm. Stop by and admire the current exhibitions, browse local artists, and immerse yourself in Morro Bay's art scene.


Exhibition inside the Art Center

The Morro Bay Art Association hosts a variety of exhibits featuring local artists. Themes range from the Great Outdoors to Tomorrow's Sculpture. Art on display includes paintings, ceramics, and woodworking items.

Artist Receptions‍

The Art Center also often hosts artist receptions with fascinating local artists. These receptions are free to the public and an excellent way to connect with local artists and the Central California art scene while admiring fabulous art.

Art in the Park‍

The Morro Bay Art Association hosts Art in the Park over holiday weekends. Art in the Park is an outdoor fair and market where local artists and vendors gather to show and sell their artworks. Visitors will find various artworks from paintings, ceramics, jewelry, metalwork, designer clothing, woodworking art, photography, birdhouses, bonsai trees, and more! Enjoy California's sunny weather while strolling past impressive artworks and shopping for unique gifts.

Classes and Workshops‍

The Art Center hosts a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year. Check their schedule on their website or Facebook page and attend an inspiring class during your vacation.

Here's a look at some of the classes that the Art Center offers.

Sea Glass Hammered Jewelry‍

Sea Glass Jewelry

The Sea Glass Hammered Jewelry class is a popular class that's perfect for vacationers. Students learn how to drill holes in sea glass and how to hammer metal to create texture. Students will leave the class with their own hand-crafted sea glass necklace and earrings.

Figure Drawing‍

Attend a live figure drawing class and learn tips for creating figure drawings while mingling with other local artists.

‍Etch with a Credit Card‍

This fun class shows students a technique to create etched drawings using a canceled credit card. Create artwork in class, and then use your skills to impress your friends and family with this fun process.

Make Scarves‍

During this workshop, students will learn how to create unique, hand-crafted silk scarves. Learn the art of marbling fabric and take your one-of-a-kind creation home.

Clay Studies‍

Learn how to use water-based clay to create a bas relief, torso, or figure. A live model will be present, and students will focus on the essence of figure sculpting.

Beaded Glass Pearl Bracelet‍

During this workshop, students will create a faux pearl necklace inspired by the sea. Students can create a necklace with leather and pearls and beads and pearls. With your new skills, you can continue creating unique necklaces as gifts for family and friends.

Making a Mosaic Trivet‍

Handmade Mosaic

Mosaics are traditional artwork that dates back thousands of years. In the class, students will create a glass or ceramic mosaic tile trivet. Learn how to pick out colors and shapes to create a delightful mosaic scene.

Enjoy the Best Local Artists While Visiting Morro Bay‍

Morro Bay is the perfect place to relax in the Central California sunshine, immerse yourself in art, and enjoy the outdoors. And for more time outdoors, don't forget to check out our favorite  Morro Bay biking trips to continue the adventure.

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