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Monarch Butterfly Migration Near Morro Bay CA

Monarch Butterflies Near Morro Bay
Camille Reddick
Camille Reddick
December 8, 2023

Do you want to see the dance of the butterflies near Morro Bay, California? Migrating monarch butterflies create a spectacular show as they reach their destination after traveling more than 1,000 miles through the Rocky Mountains in search of the pleasant climate of California's Central Coast. These butterflies are drawn to coastal California due to its mild temperatures and abundance of greenery for roosting.

If you want to see butterflies fluttering in the groves of California, bring binoculars to observe how these winged beauties become animated when the sun touches them! While monarch butterflies can be easy to spot if you know where to look, they only gather in a handful of areas. That fact makes heading to the right viewing areas crucial. This monarch butterflies California 2023 guide highlights the best spots to catch glimpses of these orange wonders!

Monarch Butterfly Groves Along Highway 1

Monarch Butterfly in the flower

During winter, clusters of citrine-colored butterflies cover the famed monarch butterfly groves located along Highway 1 in Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, Los Osos, and Nipomo. This area sees some of the biggest concentrations of monarch butterflies in California. Researchers have counted hundreds of thousands of butterflies in a single season just at Pismo State Beach alone! If you're looking to catch glimpses of butterfly swarms along Highway 1, the best time to go searching is from October through February.

Morro Bay State Park

A group of Monarch butterflies

Positioned on the Morro Bay lagoon, Morro Bay State Park is best known for its marshes that support thriving bird populations. The park is also home to groves of eucalyptus trees that provide perfect perching spots for monarch butterflies after they migrate to California. The warmth of the groves here provides the ideal setting for groups of butterflies to share a temporary habitat.

Morro Bay Golf Course

If you want to make sure you know precisely where to look, consider booking a guided monarch butterflies California 2023 tour. Morro Bay Golf Course at 201 State Park Road in beautiful Morro Bay provides tours for all ages! While the tour involves a small uphill hike, those who require assistance can utilize golf-car transportation. Tours are typically offered on select dates that run from November through January. However, the butterflies sometimes stay on the property as late as April.

Planning an Enchanted Visit to Morro Bay for More Than Just the Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies on a tree

An enchanted seaside getaway located off Highway 1 on California's Central Coast, Morro Bay offers a treasure trove of ecological wonders for visitors to admire! While migrating monarch butterflies draw crowds from December through March, the ancient volcanic formations, life-filled lagoons, marshes full of coastal birds, and gorgeous trails of Morro Bay make this spot a popular year-round destination for adventure and relaxation. Do you want to participate in all the monarch magic this year? This list of things to do in Morro Bay showcases the best beaches, natural attractions, and dining places!

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