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The Most Unique Gift Shops in Morro Bay

Gift Shops in Morro Bay
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
July 9, 2021

There's nothing like the charm of a long-standing, family-owned, independent gift shop. Morro Bay exudes charm, and its gift shops are no different.

Finding the perfect gift can take time, but when it's time spent at a captivating local gift shop, it's time well-spent.

Search through the Central Coast's most extensive collection to find the perfect nautical gift. If you have a jewelry lover on your list, they'll be delighted by your unique shell jewelry find.

Browse through the garden and art collection and find the perfect garden-inspired gift for your friend seeking to add more zen to their lives.

There's nothing like browsing through a collection of new, used, rare, and unique books. The perfect book can change your loved one's life, inspire them with a fantastic story, or make them laugh for days.

Check out our favorite gift shops in Morro Bay. You might have to buy a few gifts for yourself!

The Shell Shop

Variety of Shells

The Shell Shop has been a local, family-run business since 1955 and offers the largest selection of shells on California's Central Coast. This is the place to go to browse a variety of shells and find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The Shell Shop started when ten-year-old David Thomas set up a stall to sell his dad's abalone shells. The shop is still owned by the Thomas family and is a Morro Bay tradition.

The Shell Shop features seashells of all types, corals, wind chimes, shell gifts, and books. In addition, rare shells such as The Glory of the Sea (Conus gloriamaris), Golden Cowry (Cypraea Aurantium), Murex loebbecke, and Cypraea fultoni are on display.

Visitors will also find a gorgeous selection of shell jewelry, corals, and night lights. The coral for sale was harvested 30 years ago; in cooperation with environmental standards, no live coral is taken from the ocean and sold. The Shell Shop is dedicated to the vital health of the sea.

Any shell-inspired gift you can dream of is available at the impressive Shell Shop.

The Garden Gallery

The Garden Gallery

The Garden Gallery displays art from local and international artists in a winsome store with indoor and outdoor displays. Pick up a live plant, charming wind chime, or find a unique piece of art.

The Garden Gallery has an extensive collection of succulents, a large variety of pottery, and beautiful fountains.

The Garden Gallery also features the work of artist Randy Augsburger. Randy uses steel to create unique fish artworks. Many of these fish are allowed to rust for unique artwork. These rusted items make wonderful outdoor gifts. Randy also creates painted steel fish, suitable for indoor displays.

Visitors are sure to be inspired with ideas for their gardens and find the perfect garden gift.

Coalesce Bookstore

Coalesce Bookstore

Coalesce Bookstore has been a Morro Bay landmark since 1973. Founders Janet Brown and Linna Thomas envisioned a bookstore that would be a community center and a place where all felt welcome and inspired. This wholesome, independently owned bookstore invites you to remember the power of a printed book.

Instead of being a large, characterless chain bookstore, Coalesce welcomes visitors to take part in their charming, cozy bookstore. There's nothing like holding an actual book or finding the perfect book for a friend.

Local authors frequently have book signings in Coalesce. If you're looking for a unique or rare book, just ask, and Coalesce will help you find it. They also sell used books. You'll never know what wonderful treasure you'll walk out with!

Don't forget to check out the delightful Garden Chapel.

Explore Gift Shops in Morro Bay‍

Morro Bay has many gift shops that reflect the charm of Morro Bay itself. Check out our blog for more Morro Bay family-friendly activities.

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