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5 Things to Do on California's Central Coast

5 Things to Do on California's Central Coast
Sofia Sandoval
Sofia Sandoval
February 28, 2020

Planning a Trip from Los Angeles to Morro Bay is among the best options you have available. It offers beautiful scenery to take in along the way and is an experience you’ll want to enjoy at least once in your lifetime. The number of interesting things to see and do in the area is nearly limitless.

Where to Go When You Want to Get Away from It All

If you prefer to avoid the crowds, however, you may want to check out this list of five little known places to visit on California’s Central Coast. You’ll know what to do in Morro Bay and vicinity to make your trip exceptional.

Here are some hidden gems you can enjoy year-round:

Nice View of the beach

1. Gain peace of mind in Montana de Oro State Park. An incredible location with rugged cliffs, gorgeous streams, and vast canyons, this jewel of a location is less congested than other spots in the area. If you want to spend some time soaking up the sun, choose its secluded beaches as opposed to Morro Bay Beach. You’ll have fewer people to deal with and more time to take in everything when you do.

2. Play a game of chess on an oversized board. The park in Embarcadero made the Roadside America website for its larger-than-life game board. For a small fee, you can rent it out for the afternoon. If you’d rather take a photo, you can do that for free.

3. Seek out a real-life lighthouse. The Piedras Blancas Lighthouse was an integral part of maritime life in the past. Today, it stands as a reminder of how much fishing and sailing contributed to the development of the area. The attraction is now a historic park with guided tours and wildlife sanctuary.

4. Learn what a pygmy oak looks like up close. The Elfin Forest is full of unique ecosystems that you discover with each stretch of the boardwalk you cross. Checking out the area’s wildlife has never been more comfortable or more enjoyable. Get in a good hike and discover the varied plant life in the area, too. The pygmy oak is worth a glimpse.

Crab in a tide pool

5. Check out the tide pools. You’ll find crabs of all sizes and other incredible ocean dwellers hiding on the beach during low tide. It’s an excellent opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat before the beaches become too crowded to do so comfortably. Finding a tide schedule online ensures that you don’t miss this offbeat opportunity.

Off-the-beaten-path destinations can be a lot of fun to explore. Unlike tourist hotspots, they’re less crowded and offer a more relaxed atmosphere so you won’t feel rushed getting there or exploring the area, and, you won't have to spend part of your day waiting in lines for food or an open table at the local restaurants.

Make Your Trip to California’s Central Coast an Amazing Experience

Now that you know what to do in Morro Bay and vicinity to avoid the crowds, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself even more thoroughly, and you will have the type of experience you've always dreamed about while visiting California. If getting away from your daily routine is something you’ve often thought about, then why not add these 5 things to Do on California's Central Coast to your list, because the state’s Central Coast never disappoints.

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