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Best Clam Chowder Morro Bay CA

New England style clam chowder in a bread bowl - Best Clam Chowder Morro Bay CA
Mary Piper
Mary Piper
August 28, 2020

Downtown Morro Bay, CA, is filled with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Stopping by one of the many waterfront eateries for fresh seafood is one of the best things to do in Morro Bay. The finest and freshest seafood is available at many local Morro Bay restaurants, including clam chowder. Having a delicious bowl of this creamy goodness is perfect for warming up with when visiting Morro Bay in the fall or winter. Here’s where to find the best clam chowder in Morro Bay, CA.

Giovanni’s Fish Market‍

New England Clam Chowder

Giovanni’s is a waterfront fish market located on Front Street in Morro Bay. They’ve been in the fish business for 30 years, gathering daily catches right from local fishers and shipping fresh fish all over California. This restaurant is popular with locals and visitors looking to sample the 100 seafood dishes on the restaurant’s menu.

Giovanni’s clam chowder won the Morro Bay chowder cook-off three years in a row and served in either a cup, bowl, or quart. You can also get the clam chowder served in a sourdough or garlic bread bowl if you wish. The fish market also offers a promotion where you get a free cup of clam chowder if you check-in at the restaurant on Yelp.

Dutchman’s Seafood House‍

Clam Chowder in a freshly-baked bread bowl.

Another waterfront location, Dutchman’s Seafood House, has a spectacular view of Morro Rock and the bay. Enjoy watching local fishing boats pass by or spot wildlife like sea lions and otters while you dine. It’s a family-owned institution that has been a part of the Morro Bay community for over 50 years. It was started by a husband and wife team, and now some of their nine children manage the restaurant. Dutchman’s owns and operates it’s own dock in Morro Bay, where local fishers supply the day’s catch right to the restaurant.

Dutchman’s New-England style clam chowder gets rave reviews online. Get the chowder in a cup or a freshly-baked bread bowl, made by local bakers. A popular choice is to add Dungeness crab to a clam chowder bowl—you won’t regret it.

Tognazzini’s Dockside Too‍

Tognazzini’s Dockside Too is part of a three-restaurant chain owned by commercial fisherman and Morro Bay native Mark Tognazzini. Mark, along with his wife, Bonnie, own a fishing vessel that supplies the restaurants with the freshest catches around Morro Bay. Dockside Too offers casual outdoor dining directly behind their indoor facility on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay. Dockside Too provides an affordable clam chowder option, where bread bowls of creamy chowder are available for less than $10.

Dorn’s Breakers Cafe‍

Clam Chowder with some crackers.

Breakers Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a beautiful setting overlooking Morro Bay. Visiting the restaurant for dinner and watching the sunset is a popular way to experience eating here. Founded in 1942, the restaurant has been family-owned for three generations. When owner Harry Amsel hired host Dan Dorn, Dorn quickly fell in love with Harry’s daughter. The couple married and eventually took over the restaurant. Now their son, Chris Dorn, manages the location.

Breaker’s serves up award-winning clam chowder. The original family recipe has been untouched for 70 years. The chowder is still a popular menu choice, which means there’s must be something to the family recipe that makes it so enjoyable!

Blue Sail Inn helps you discover Morro Bay‍

When you stay at the Blue Sail Inn in Morro Bay, you’re within walking distance to many of the restaurants profiled above, which means you’re only a few minutes away from the best clam chowder in Morro Bay, CA! Learn more about exploring Morro Bay on our blog.

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