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Best Sightseeing in Morro Bay

Morro Bay sightseeing
Ariana Sanchez
Ariana Sanchez
May 17, 2019

When it comes to visiting Morro Bay, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied. From hitting the links at the Morro Bay golf course to taking a stroll along the shore, there’s something for everyone. For some ideas on Morro Bay sightseeing, read on!

  1. Morro Rock. Perhaps one of biggest attraction of Morro Bay is the huge, volcanic plug that is known as Morro Rock. Located right at the entrance of the Morro Bay Harbor, this rock stands 576 feet tall and is actually connected to the shore by a causeway making it a “tied island”. While you can walk to the base of the rock, you are not allowed to climb on it. Simply standing beside it however, is a thrilling experience.
  2. Morro Bay State Park. This state natural preserves offers pristine, natural landscapes for guests to enjoy. At the park, you’ll find both outdoor and recreational activities to enjoy such as hiking, fishing, sailing, and mountain biking as well as bird watching. At this location, you’ll also find the Museum of Natural History, a great place to visit to learn more about the history of the area and the wildlife that call it home.
  3. Morro Bay T Pier Sea Otters. When you visit the South T Pier at Morro Bay, you’ll quickly find that the pier is home to over 30 California sea otters. Morro Bay is an ideal habitat for these otters as the bay is located next to a system of estuaries that have formed a san barrier around the area, leading to calm waters that are perfect for these sea otters. Head to the embarcadero to see these cute sea otters first hand.  

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