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Biking in Morro Bay

Woman biking - Biking Spots at Morro Bay
Mary Piper
Mary Piper
November 27, 2020

Nestled along California’s Central Coast, the small town of Morro Bay has everything you need for a vacation spent exploring the area’s natural wonders. There are many eateries and top spots for craft beer in Morro Bay within the city’s downtown area, overlooking Morro Bay and the historic Morro Rock. Besides exploring California’s Central Coast, one of the top activities is biking in Morro Bay. With plenty of parks and trails in the area, bikers will find various places to get outdoors and get some exercise.

Montana De Oro Bluff Trail‍

Montana De Oro Bluff Trail

Located inside the Montana de Oro State Park, this trail is flat and wide and borders beautiful coastal bluffs only a few miles from downtown Morro Bay. There are several lookout points and picnic tables along the path as well. The trail is just over two miles long, making it a leisurely activity for the entire family.

Hazards Peak Trail‍

Another trail located inside Montana de Oro State Park, this path winds through one of the park’s many mountain peaks. However, the track is still calm enough for most bikers to enjoy. Once you reach the mountain peak’s summit, the return trip can be rocky and steep. Most bikers end up walking their bikes at one point or another. The reward for your efforts is stunning, as you view coastal bluffs and the pacific ocean on a clear day once you reach the mountain peak.

Morro Bay Harborwalk‍

Morro Bay Harborwalk

This trail is located in the heart of the downtown Morro Bay area, along the Embarcadero. It offers excellent views of Morro Rock and the wildlife that call the area home. Surrey rides are available and are a great way to bike with the entire family.

Dunes Cloister Trail‍

This trail starts in downtown Morro Bay and continues on south into Morro Bay State Park. The trail ends at Back Bay Marina, offering bay views throughout your entire journey.

Quarry Short Loop‍

Another trail located in Morro Bay State Park, you are surrounded by hills and nature as you travel along this 2.3-mile biking loop. It is a secluded, dirt trail that has some obstacles but is mostly a calm ride through the state park.

Cayucos Pier Beach Cruise and Morro Rock‍

Cayucos Pier, California

This 6-mile one-way bike trail offers excellent views and surf along the way. Mountain bikes, beach cruisers, and other off-roading bikes are best suited for this trail.

Lower Crespi Trail‍

For a biking challenge, this trail offers a few steep climbs and downhill slopes. There is also a wooden bridge to cross along this trail as well. This trail is best for experienced bikers. Wildlife and gorgeous views are the rewards for your biking efforts.

Black Hill Summit‍

A trail located in Morro Bay State Park, this biking journey ends at Black Hill’s summit, which provides beautiful views of the surrounding area at the top.

Cerro Cabrillo and Tiki Rock‍

The highest peak in Morro Bay State Park, the Cerro Cabrillo trail, is a 2.5-mile round trip loop around the mountain peak. It offers excellent views of the Pacific Ocean and Morro Bay.

Relaxation awaits at the Blue Sail Inn‍

After a day of biking in Morro Bay, you’ll need to relax and rest up for another day of sightseeing and exploring California’s Central Coast. Stay close to Morro Bay attractions and be just steps away from downtown Morro Bay when you book a room at the Blue Sail Inn. We can’t wait to see you!

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