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Fresh Seafood in Morro Bay

best seafood in Morro Bay
Ariana Sanchez
Ariana Sanchez
January 17, 2020

If you're on a quest to sample the best seafood in Morro Bay, you're in for an experience like no other. There are multiple restaurants in the area that offer delicious appetizers, soups, and entrees for you to enjoy. You can dine alone, as a couple or with a group and experience fantastic dining options in the waterfront city.

The best seafood in Morro Bay is at the following restaurants. You'll find a description of each and some sample menu items to consider. You may also want to book a reservation because seating fills fast at these popular eateries.


The outstanding fish market sells products online and in-person. It also features a restaurant menu full of enticing foods for you to try. From fish tacos to fish on a stick, there is something for everyone at Giovanni's. Calamari, oysters, scallops, and a family-sized bucket of fish keeps people coming back to the restaurant for more. A shrimp burrito and salmon taco combine south of the border flavors with fresh seafood.


The original Dockside location has been in business for over a decade. It remains a pillar in the community and a place loved by locals and visitors alike. Eating at Tognazzinis is an experience. You'll find items on the menu for you to devour year-round. Some favorites include the Calamari Sandwich, Oysters Rockefeller, Shrimp and Scallop Kabobs, and Captain Mark's Tequila Splash Salmon.

Morro Bay Oyster Company

If you love all things oysters, this is the restaurant for you. Part fish market, part eatery, you won't get fresher oysters than you do here. Eat them raw or fried. You can even opt to bring some home with you to prepare later if you want to. Your trip to Morro Bay doesn't need to end right away because you can share its flavors with others where you live.

oysters on the half shell

Great American Fish Company

Offering some of the most unique seafood dishes in the area, you can look forward to menu items such as BBQ'd Oysters in the Shell, Fresh Abalone, and Coconut Shrimp and Chips to name a few. You can enjoy seafood prepared many ways at the Great American Fish Company. From grilled to seared to fried, you have choices that make your overall experience positive.

As you can see, there are many choices for you to choose from, with each restaurant offering you unique menu options. If you want a taste of what the ocean provides, you've found yourself in the right city to do so. Some of the most outstanding restaurants in the area offer nothing but fresh fish, scallops, oysters, and shrimp for you to eat your fill of right away.

Make It a Meal to Remember in Morro Bay

Lunch in Pismo Beach has never been better. Access to the freshest seafood available in the area awaits you at the restaurants mentioned above. Sink your teeth into delectable lobster, crab, and salmon right away. A visit to Morro Beach is well worth the expense because of the incredible food the city has to offer you.

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