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Hiking and Beaching

morro bay hiking
Ariana Sanchez
Ariana Sanchez
March 15, 2019

One of the great things about Monterey Bay is all the outdoor life the area offers such as the Monarch Grove sanctuary. While Monterey Bay is a great place for viewing Monarch butterflies, it’s also a great place to enjoy time outdoors such as morro bay hiking trails and exploring tide pools at Morro Rock.

Black Hill Trail

This trail is an easy trail with one of the easiest summits in the San Luis Obispo County. In fact, the 661 ft. volcanic peak located in Morro Bay State Park can be reached by hiking a simple 0.6 mile round trip hike with just 190 ft. of elevation. The trail offers views of Morro Bay. If you are looking for a longer hike, this is possible as well by simply choosing your start at one of the various locations below Black Hill.

Cerro Cabrillo

Out of the 9 main volcanic plugs that are spread out between Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo, Cerro Cabrillo is the third peak and stands at 911 feet. In fact, the peak of Cerro Cabrillo is actually the highest point in all of Morro Bay STate Peak offering incredible panoramic oceanfront views. The trail to the top can be slippery at times and may require some light rock climbing, but the views from the top are unforgettable.

Finding Sand Dollars

Morro Bay has an impressive population of san dollars. Part of this is that they play an important role in the ecosystem of Morro Bay. For example, they provide foot for crabs, fish and sea stars. Kelp fish also scrape against sand dollars in order to get rid of parasites. While exploring tidepools for sand dollars can be a fun, family experience, just be sure to not collect or disturb live sand dollars.

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