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Small Parks You Have to See in Morro Bay

Park in Morro Bay - Must-see Small Morro Bay Parks
Jenn Tolson
Jenn Tolson
July 10, 2020

Thousands of people come to Morro Bay, California, for vacation nearly every month. Many of those visitors head to the beach to see Morro Rock. They love fishing and all the other things that they can do in and near the water. Depending on what you love to do, you might prefer some parks in the city. The top small Morro Bay parks offer fun things that you can do whenever you visit and on those days where you don't want to get wet.

Anchor Memorial Park

Anchor Memorial Park View

One of the top small parks in Morro Bay is Anchor Memorial Park, which opened in 1979. Known as Dunes Street Park, it dedicated a memorial to all the fishermen who died on the job. The city renamed it Anchor Memorial Park in 1991 in honor of the enormous anchor statue inside the park. A public observation deck is a perfect place to watch the boats in the ocean and see the people roaming around the city. You'll also find picnic tables and benches near water fountains and live music on most weekends from Captain Jimmy.

Centennial Parkway

Centennial Parkway View in the afternoon

Many visitors and locals also like Centennial Parkway. Work on this park started in 1970 and finished the following year. It opened as a way for the city to celebrate its centennial and quickly became one of the most popular parks. One of the park's top features is the Centennial Stairway, a stairway leading up to a large California flag. The park is also home to one of only two giant outdoor chessboards in the country where you'll find groups competing against each other on weekends. Loads of benches are close by to let you watch all the action.

Bayshore Bluffs Park

View of the Shore on Bayshore Bluffs Park

Bayshore Bluffs Park is close to the Skateboard Museum and lets guests enjoy their time outside. The city established this park to preserve some of the outdoor spaces near a condo development. You'll find a large tree in the middle of the path that shows the destruction that occurred during a hurricane. The Morro Bay Bike Path runs through the park and helps you explore the city with a rental bike or one you bring home. If you head down the stairway in the park, you'll reach the bluffs and a spot where you can launch small boats.

City Park

There are other small Morro Bay parks that you might want to explore, such as City Park. This was one of the city's first parks and has a convenient location near the corner of Harbor Street and Morro Bay Boulevard. Though small in size, it hosts some significant events every year, including Holiday Tree Lighting and Arts in the Park. You'll find a large basketball court for playing and benches and picnic tables for relaxing and a World War II monument. All of these small Morro Bay parks let you have big fun in this California city.

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