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Summer Vacation Getaway

morro bay vacation
Ariana Sanchez
Ariana Sanchez
July 19, 2019

A morro bay vacation during the summer is one you’ll be sure to not forget. When you stay at the inn at morro bay, you’ll be close to all the options that the area has to offer. Read on to explore what you can expect when you take a summer vacation in Morro Bay. 

During the summer, you’ll enjoy some of the best weather for visiting Morro Bay. In fact, the best time to visit tends to be late spring into early fall. The hottest months of the year in Morro Bay tend to be August and September, though the average high during these months is about 84 or 85 degrees. In July, the highs are about high 70s with the average summer temperature being around low 70s. It also doesn’t tend to drop too low at night, so you’ll be set to explore with loose layers and maybe a light sweater for the night. 

With such nice weather in store, it’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the free things to do in the area. Enjoy the seaside fishing village as well as biking, hiking, and miles of beautiful beaches to explore. The summer is also the perfect time for flying kites! Head to the beach and try your luck at flying a kite or simply take in the views of others flying their kites. Another option is to head to the Morro Bay National Estuary where you can explore the tide pools and more.

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