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Water Activities in Morro Bay

Morro Rock with a fishing boat
Jenn Tolson
Jenn Tolson
June 12, 2020

Morro Bay is one of the best places to go in California if you love the water. You'll find so many things to do both on and near the water that you might want to plan multiple trips in the future. To get started on planning your trip, check out some of the top water activities in Morro Bay.


You don't need to be Keanu Reeves to enjoy surfing in Morro Bay because the waves are gentle enough for beginners. California Surfing Day takes place on September 20 and brings hundreds of surfers to the ocean, but you'll find fewer crowds on other days. Morro Rock is one of the best places for surfing. Some also love Mouse Rock and Morro Beach.


Man paddle-boarding

Many Morro Bay visitors love paddle-boarding and feeling the gentle waves that move beneath their boards. Though waves can reach as high as eight feet, the waves found in the late summer and early fall are milder. Widow Walls and Coleman Beach are among the best places to launch your board. Several shops located near the water offer boards that you can rent or buy as well as lessons for beginners.

Bay Cruises

When looking at the best water activities in Morro Bay, you might consider one of the bay cruises. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of the water while cruising around the bay and without getting your feet wet. Captain Stew's Bay Cruise has a 33-foot boat that can accommodate up to 25 people and takes passengers on a 50-minute tour. Lost Isle Adventures has a cruise with a tiki theme that many people love. You should check out Sub Sea Tours Morro Bay, too, especially if you love whales. This local tour company offers a tour that allows you to get closer to these majestic sea creatures than you ever thought you could.


Man kayaking in the water

Whether you're in the mood for a solo adventure or a fun-filled day with other people, Morro Bay offers tons of help for kayaking enthusiasts. Central Coast Outdoors can let you plan a kayaking adventure with as many people as you want and has discounts for kids. You might choose a short paddle trip that lasts for a few hours or a half-day trip that lets you spend more time on the water. This company also offers sunset tours where you can rent a boat to go out on your own.

Fishing Expeditions

Fishing enthusiasts can take solo trips and group trips around Morro Bay. Virg's Landing Charters has charter trips available for workgroups and families or friends who love fishing. With the sport-fishing trips, you have the chance to catch some of the biggest fish in the world. Pacific Charters and Captain Ron can take you out too. If you prefer other types of fishing, head to Morro Bay and cast your reel. Anyone who loves the water will find loads of water activities in Morro Bay, including fisheries and sport-fishing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding, and cruises around the bay.

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