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Things to Do in Morro Bay

Morro Rock - Things to Do in Morro Bay
Sofia Sandoval
Sofia Sandoval
February 14, 2020

Who doesn't view California as a top vacation destination? With its gorgeous year-round weather and incredible beaches, it's a tourist hotspot. Choosing a location such as Morro Bay and its surrounding area is wise because there are many things to do, see, and explore. A quieter way of life awaits you when you vacation near the sea.

Wondering what to do in Morro Bay and vicinity? You'll find this short guide a valuable tool to reference. That way, you're able to enjoy yourself as much as possible. You'll know the best time to visit Morro Bay so you can do more sightseeing and deal with fewer crowds.

Visit the Morro Bay Rock and Work on Your Suntan

Witness a 23 million-year-old phenomenon. Morro Bay Rock formed from the plugs of now inactive volcanoes. It has long been a point of entry for fishermen who relied heavily on the area's abundant supply of food and income. Today, the beach is full of locals and visitors alike who want to soak up the sun and enjoy its picturesque atmosphere.

Enjoy Fresh Seafood from One of the City's Most Popular Eateries

Enjoy fresh seafood in Morro Bay, CA

Sink your teeth into the city's finest seafood. Morro Bay is best known for its two varieties of oysters. They're Pacific Gold and Grassy Bar. You'll find them prepared in many different ways, too, to satisfy your appetite. Restaurants known best for their oysters are Tognazzini's Dockside and Too Restaurant.

For an unusual snack, try salmon candy and shark jerky from Giovanni's Fish Market & Galley. Marinated to perfection, they're unique gifts to bring home to your family and friends, too. The chances of them having eaten something so unique in their lifetimes is slim. You'll let them experience the magic of Morro Bay through you.

Nature Lovers Rejoice When Witnessing Marine Life Up Close and Personal

seal in the ocean

The 850-pound California sea lions draw a crowd in Morro Bay. Swimming at impressive speeds of 25 miles per hour, you'll find it challenging to photograph the wonderful marine life. You can record videos of them as they seek food and sun wherever they swim to. This family-friendly activity is one of many that highlights the natural environment of the Bay.

During different months of the year, you can watch whales emerge from the ocean, track monarch butterflies mid-flight, and seabirds of all types migrate. Having your camera ready ensures that you never miss a picture-perfect moment while in California. You'll be able to share all your shots with family and friends via social media.

Make Your Stay in Morro Bay Magical and Memorable

Now that you know what to do in Morro Bay and vicinity, you can plan your trip to the area with greater ease. You'll be able to include the activities that interest you the most and enjoy every minute of your trip much more. Knowing what to expect from the area allows you to know when to avoid the crowds. You won't spend a great deal of time waiting for your turn to come up because you'll know the best time of day to eat, sightsee, and shop.

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