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Morro Bay Travel Tips

Morro Bay Travel Tips - Luggage, hats, shoes, and other travel objects
Jenn Tolson
Jenn Tolson
May 22, 2020

Located near California's Pacific Ocean, Morro Bay is a heaven for travelers. You'll find the same delicious seafood as you would in San Francisco and museums that are just as interesting as those in Los Angeles. This community has a small-town feel that many crave and features friendly and welcoming faces around every corner. When planning your trip, you can use a few Morro Bay travel tips to make sure your vacation goes smoothly.

Dress Appropriately‍

Clothes, hats, sunglasses, phone and a map

Many people hear the word California and immediately think of high temperatures and loads of sunshine. While Morro Bay does have some sunny and warm days, the weather is often cool with some foggy spots. You'll see that fog as soon as you wake up in the morning. Dressing appropriately ensures that you can handle the current weather and any changes later in the day. You'll want to wear a light jacket with at least one shirt underneath it. Some find it helpful to wear multiple layers. As the temperature rises, you can shed some of those layers to feel comfortable. If the temperature drops again, you can reach for some of those layers.

Ride the Trolley‍

It's easy to get around Morro Bay when you use the local trolley rather than a car. Not only can you skip the traffic around the city, but you can also avoid the hassles of finding a good parking spot. Trolleys can take you anywhere you want to go, including Morro Rock and other outdoor attractions. You can also use one to visit some of the hottest restaurants in town, such as Blue Skye Coastal Cafe and The Bayside Cafe. If you've never been to Morro Bay before, you can trust the trolley drivers to help you find your way to restaurants and other attractions.

Don't Forget Your Binoculars‍

Whale jumping out of the water

The best Morro Bay whale watching tours let you get closer to these majestic creatures than you ever did before. Once you pick a trip, you can meet the group at a designated location and get onto the water. These trips can last for just one hour or let you spend a whole day looking for whales. Bringing binoculars with you will help you see whales’ miles away from your boat. You'll also want to wear a hat as the winds are rough. Depending on when you visit and which tour you take, you may want to bring a heavy coat too.

For Morro Bay Tourists‍

Checking out the best travel tips can help you have a fantastic time in Morro Bay. While you can spend time on the beach and enjoy some fun in the sun, you'll want to pack and dress appropriately as this town often has cooler temperatures than other parts of the state do. Other Morro Bay travel tips including bringing binoculars and the right gear for a trip to go whale watching and using the trolley to get from your hotel to the town's top attractions and sites.

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